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Welcome to WMC Cattle Company

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First, we want to thank you for the interest in our program. Our ranch lies deep on the heart of the Ozarks. The cattle that roam these hills are a continuation of Travis' grandparents, Calvin and Jean Watson's herd that was started in the late 50's. The base of our cow herd goes back to JB Polled Trojan 37E. This is a bull that Calvin owned and took the Hereford breed to a new level in the late 1960's and 1970's. These cattle had it all: maternal, performance, great udders. Still today we are proud to say our herd is a Trojan based herd. 

Travis, took over the herd in 2011. We have since used sires to influence our herd such as P606, 719T , Mr Maternal and Revolution 4R to influence our herd. WMC Cattle Company has dedicated itself to producing a cow that is easy fleshing and maternally based to produce performance calves with minimal input. We strive to put as many exceptional cows in a pedigree as we can fit. We believe, along with accurate EPD's and cows of this nature, we will produce a very predictable offspring.


We have a passion to produce the best Herefords for our commercial bull buyers to increase profit for their commercial cow herd. We believe there has never been a better time to own a Hereford bull. Our repeat buyers assure us of this! We raise bulls that will have the calving ease to performance spread we all like to see. We use carcass data, along with EPD's, to increase the predictability of offspring from our bulls. We also use traits not measured by EPD's such as structural soundness, longevity and fertility. 

Please call or come by for a visit if you have an interest in Hereford Cattle. Thanks again for your interest in our program. 


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